Welcome to Tec4Tots:
a blog devoted to wonderful, meaningful, technology resources for preK to 2nd Grade educators! (Although, it is not limited to these grades.)

11891240_796264147137625_8888350980709588468_nI am Mrs. Schultz, a Lutheran school educator. I have had the honor of working with children from preK through 8th grade as classroom teacher or theater director in Lutheran schools and churches.

This blog is designed to be a resource for teachers to help integrate technology into their classrooms. The technology  conversation should TEC21-Educator-Badge-256x256be one on going. I am a TEC21 Educator seeking to focus on letting technology expand the
education that happens in my classroom. I am very against a technological form of babysitter or time filler for children. I desire to have purpose for the tech my children explore. May it be a launching point for their life long learning.  Forms of technology should be in the classroom to raise children ready for this world, but it also should be selected carefully.


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