Curious George for Curious Kids

I am back!! After a time of transition, I have set down the pen for a few months. Today I have returned to share a center website that has been beneficial in Preschool 4’s. Curious George, a beloved literary character, is sharing counting and color mixing skills with children online.

PBS Kids has a page for Curious George games. Not all are valuable for little learners at school. Some are for fun activities for 1st-2nd grade friends. I have found two games very helpful these first weeks.

In Mix and Paint, children can experiment with red + blue = purple as much as they want without running out of paint or making a mess in a quick moment. I used to use this as a pre-activity to mixing colors for an art project in 2nd. This year it has been a free time center.

For our apple orchard unit, my 4-year-old friends have been working with larger number counting thanks to George’s apple picking.  It has been so fun to see the smiles that come from success when attempting a challenging task. I love seeing the confidence grow in a very young learner.

Enjoy! Happy fall! Stay Curious, teachers!
Please feel free to comment or e-mail if you have ideas to share.
May this be a helpful resource for the best online tools available for our tiny tots.


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