Guest Poster: iPads in Kindergarten


Miss Fritz has been an early childhood teacher for nearly 10 years. Today’s post details her initial reservations and her joys about her favorite of the technology in her classroom.

“Let me start by saying I am far from an expert.
This was my first year with iPads in my classroom.  I was admittedly skeptical about one-to-one devices for five-year-olds.  I’m not anti-technology at all, but I wasn’t sure how I would manage this in a kindergarten classroom.  Fast forward to May, and I absolutely LOVE having them!  They can be such a wonderful learning tool.

First, I’ll tell you how I manage them.  My students do not have access at all times, as much as they might want to.  We use them each day as part of our literacy centers.  We also use them some afternoons during afternoon centers.  Limitation is key.  I don’t want my kids on screens all day long.

Now, on to the fun part!  There are so many apps out there, but these are some favorites in my classroom.

  • – The app is free.  Teachers, you can have a free classroom account and give your kids access at home.  Parents, sorry, but you have to pay, unless your child’s teacher has a classroom account and sends you the access code. has fabulous activities for kids ages 2-7 in all subject areas, and I do mean ALL.  There are even art, science, and social studies activities.  You can start kids at a level that’s appropriate for them.  You can even create custom lessons for your whole class, certain groups of students, or even individual students.  
  • Lexia – We use this app as part of our literacy center rotations.  Your school does have to purchase a subscription in order to use this, but it’s a fantastic program if you are lucky enough to have it.  Kids start at a level appropriate for them.  They learn and practice literacy skills through games.  Many of my students choose Lexia during times they are allowed to choose their own iPad activities.
  • QR Reader – You can do so much with QR codes.  We use the i-nigma app.  It’s extremely kid friendly.  This year, I’m using QR codes in my listening center.  Students can scan a code that will take them to a safe link with a video of a story book.  I’m hoping to explore QR codes and do more with them next year.  
  • Reading Eggs by Blake eLearning – There are several Reading Eggs apps.  You can view them all at  Right now, my student iPads have Eggy 100 HD for practicing sight words and Spelling Games Lite HD for those students who are ready to learn some spelling patterns.  There are many more apps for both reading and math that I plan to explore over the summer.   

I have learned so much this year, but I know there is much more to discover.  I hope I’ve been able to pass along some great apps that you’ll be able to use in your own classroom.”

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