Digital Storytelling

Have you ever had a student who had trouble getting those wonderful tales and stories on paper? They speak with so much vibrancy, but, on paper the child seems stunted. Or, have you had the student who is so unmotivated to write that you feel cruel and mean every day you fight them?

These forms of storytelling can really unlock students who have trouble getting from voice to page and motivate students who are not passionate about writing…yet.

Beginner Level:
This website could be left open on your classroom computer for morning stories that little ones come in wanting to share when you are talking to parents. It would just take training to have them share it in an e-mail to you. My 2nd grade students did not have a problem clicking “share” and typing in the e-mail on a sticky note. This may be harder for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students.
For older students, this could be used for seed ideas for later writing projects.

Intermediate Level:
movenote-logo-1tye3tdMove Note is a Google add on that allows students to present their stories AND annotate them as they tell the story. I sat with students the first couple times they shared a story this way, but then they could do it on their own. I shared these at parent conferences!
(Always get parent permission before posting!)

Willing to Invest Level:
Showbox_LogoShowBox does require an account and a little more teacher involvement. With only a fleece blanket, uploaded photos and my laptop, students made a story with green screen effect!
My class wrote stories inspired by James and the Giant Peach.
(Always get parent permission before posting!)
(Also: Good lighting makes for a better image)




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